Wishlist :)

January 19, 2008

SOON i’ll be getting back my o’lvl results…hope that i’ll qualify for poly and hopefully the course that i desire. Holidays are boring as it’s totally different from what i expected it to be…different in a bad way…well lets not mention about it. Anyway, the long holidays are still good as i finally have a long time to rest and do the things  i want freely without time contraints. VERY SOON i’ll not be wearing school uniform to school anymore and not walking the same path to school. thinking of that, im very worried because i’ll have to buy more clothes so that i could enter the poly school gate confidently…..hais…buying clothes and pants or shoes are my greatest fear..hopefully god would help me find some clothings that are to my fitting. Here are my list of things to get before school reopens.

new schoolbag

belt (with buckle)

more formal tops ( 3 pieces) and t-shirts (6 pieces)

more jeans ( 3 or 2 pieces)

new shoes ( 2 pairs)

new hairstyle!!! [god bless me (: ]


January 8, 2008

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????never in my dreams will i ever predict this will happen to me. although i believe that my father did not really do it , but i think he shouldn’t use this attitude to talk to my mother and EVEN said something he shouldn’t have said. my poor sister cried jus now thanks to the harsh words that my father used. he wanted to disowned her jus because of his idiotic fren??? all in all, his fren has to blame for our family dispute. wad ah an….he’s a fucker who ‘buy’ us with his fried noodle that he always deliver to us. HAISSSSSSSSSSSSS, wad a year for me. All along , i have been praying for a gd looking face and wanted none other wishes to be granted. But now, looks like i have to amend my pray. i want……a warmhearting family with my sister, mother and father living under one roof.  


January 8, 2008

Hais….never imagine myself to be like this. In the past, i thought i was a gd looking boy and i was always filled with confidence..but now..its no longer the same…theres no other choice for me..only to choose to face the reality. HAIS. i guess i was wrong. i was all along a ugly guy. nothing can change this fact. right now. i am almost giving up hope on mircales to happen. Hope i would be able to stay opstimistic. God bless me.  

Hello world!

January 8, 2008

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